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Vol 170 No 2
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Features of operation of electric centrifugal pump units when forcing liquid withdrawal from wells of Samotlor oil field

A. V. Kolonskikh
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  • Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
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The most promising method of oil production in the mode of forced fluid withdrawal is the use of electric centrifugal well pumps. Transfer of a well into the mode of forced fluid withdrawal leads to deterioration of downhole equipment operating conditions. At the same time the parameter of failure interval decreases. The main factors reducing the productivity of electric centrifugal well pumps are revealed and the ways of their compensation for the conditions of Samotlor oil field are offered.

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  1. Горев В.Г. Причины пескопроявлений на Самотлорском месторождении и методы их предупреждения / В.Г.Горев, М.С.Мельцер // Нефтяное хозяйство. 1997. № 10. УДК 622.276

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