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Vol 171
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Assessment of changes in properties and state of rocks as a result of intensive dynamic loading

S. D. Viktorov1
A. N. Kochanov2
A. V. Matveev3
M. G. Zilbershidt4
I. V. Velesevich5
K. K. Shvedov6
About authors
  • 1 — Institute for Problems of Integrated Subsoil Development, RAS
  • 2 — Institute for Problems of Integrated Subsoil Development, RAS
  • 3 — Institute for Problems of Integrated Subsoil Development, RAS
  • 4 — Moscow State Mining University
  • 5 — Moscow State Mining University
  • 6 — Institute of PCV RAS
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A methodology has been developed and experimental studies have been carried out to evaluate structural changes in rock samples in the near zone of explosion action. Using optical microscopy and X-ray structure analysis, it was found that the microstructure of rocks changes during the passage of shock waves: the dispersion of mineral grains increases, and the density of micro-disturbances increases by an order of magnitude.

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