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Vol 183
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Research article

Assessment of stress-strain state of temporary support during constructhion of station tunnels of the metro

V. A. Maslak
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  • Deputy Head of Board on Capital Construction The Saint-Petersburg Metro
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In-situ testing technique of temporary support is given. The values of stress and normal force in arch and sides of steel support are shown. Determination of vertical load magnitude is done. It was determined that vertical load on support decreases by 1,54 times, if lag of support installation from the face is16 m.

Temporary support tunnel underground railway stress arch vault load
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  1. Лебедев М.О. Горно-экологический мониторинг на примере большого петлевого тоннеля СКЖД / М.О.Лебедев, .В.Басыкин // Метро и тоннели. 2006. № 6. С. 24-26

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