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Vol 184
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Industrial potential of oil and gas production enterprise and it`s valuation

I. V. Burenina1
D. A. Gamilova2
About authors
  • 1 — Ph.D. Associate professor Ufa State Petroleum Technical University
  • 2 — Postgraduate student Ufa State Petroleum Technical University
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Methodically the question about definition of industrial potential and it`s valuation doesn`t develop exactly. In this matter it was marked principal specifics of industrial potential valuation in oil and gas production enterprise. Based on this author defined a concept of potential, its valuation structure, basic sub-aggregates of valuation and its characteristics.

oil and gas enterprises productive potentional estimate efficiency indicators
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  1. Сосненко Л.С. Анализ экономического потенциала действующего предприятия. М., 2003. 208 с.
  2. Справочник нефтяника / Авт.-сост. Ю.В.Зейгман, Г.А.Шамаев. Уфа, 2005. 272 с.

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