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Vol 185
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Cycles of the Earth and Sun – the important factor оf activity of geodynamic processes at coal- and ore mines

A. N. Shabarov1
B. G. Tarasov2
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  • 1 — Ph.D., Dr.Sci. prorector Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
  • 2 — Ph.D., Dr.Sci. Professor Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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The paper contains the substantiation of the determinable role of the cosmos in rhythms of natural and technogenic phenomena at coal- and ore mines. The latent and explicit periods of up-to-date phase of attenuation of the solar constant in the cycle since 1982 to 2070 are shown, as well as the geodynamic consequences of this depression. This paper seeks to give rise to discussion of this problem for working out of coordinated actions in the decrease of geodynamic risks.

depression of the solar constant. Small Glacial period white spots» in geomechanics of rock mass integration of geomechanics of Russia
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