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Vol 196
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Research of diamond ores disintegration process regularity

A. A. Bobrakova1
N. V. Nikolaeva2
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  • 1 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
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In article researches of kinetic and power characteristics of process of self-crushing which  are executed on diamond-bearing ores of a deposit of a tube «Komsomolskaya» are resulted. Autogenous grinding process was investigated from a position of an exit of a commodity size –30 + 0,2 mm.

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  1. Андреев Е.Е. Дробление, измельчение и подготовка сырья к обогащению: Учебник / Е.Е.Андреев, О.Н.Тихонов. СПГГИ. СПб, 2007. 439 с.

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