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Technical and economic aspects of Russia and Norway cooperation in the field of oil and gas complex innovative development

E. G. Katysheva
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  • National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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A necessary condition for the growth of oil stocks in Russia is the application of innovative technologies for oil recovery increase at deposits that are at late stages of development. The experience of Norway, one of the leading oil-extracting countries actively introducing the newest technologies in the field of oil recovery increase and passing petroleum gas utilization, can become quite valuable for the enterprises of Russian OGC. Since 1993 the stocks growth at the Norwegian deposits that are already under development stably exceeds resources at new discovered objects. It is the result of practical work on oil recovery increase. The projects of deposits development in Norway are approved in the dialog process of the state with the companies. The basic purpose is the achievement of the maximal economic benefit and the most complete extraction of oil and gas raw material. Russia is the priority market for Norwegian oil and gas companies. Norwegian and Russian companies have experience of joint work, and ratification of the report on delimitation of sea spaces in Barents sea creates new conditions for cooperation.

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