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Vol 208
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Russia in the world markets minerals: reserves, production and export

N. V. Pashkevich1
L. I. Iseeva2
A. A. Fedchenko3
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  • 1 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 2 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 3 — National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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The main trends in the global mineral complex: extraction of essential minerals, exporters, importers, and the level of competition in the global mineral resources sector. The peculiarities of the development of world mineral complex. It is demonstrated the position of Russia in the mineral complex of the world: Russia's share of world reserves and mining, Russian exports of major products mineral complex that characterizes the competitiveness of the national economy. The conclusion: Russia needs a competent government regulation of subsoil use, appropriate to market economic conditions, increasing the share of exports of value-added products and reduce dependence on imports.

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