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Vol 263
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New data on the composition of growth medium of fibrous diamonds from the placers of the Western Urals

Nikolai V. Gubanov1
Dmitrii A. Zedgenizov2
Evgenii A. Vasilev3
Vladimir A. Naumov4
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This article presents the results of studying microinclusions of fluids/melts in diamonds from the placers of the Krasnovishersky District (western slope of the Middle/Northern Urals), which make it possible to establish the evolution of diamond-forming media in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle of the eastern margin of the East European craton. Impurity composition of the studied crystals reveals three different types of diamonds, the formation of which was associated with separated metasomatic events. Microinclusions in B-type diamonds containing A and B nitrogen defects reflect an older metasomatic stage characterized by the leading role of silicic and low-Mg carbonatitic fluids/melts. The second stage is associated with the growth of A-type diamonds containing nitrogen exclusively in the form of A-centers. At this stage, the formation of diamonds was related with low-Mg carbonatitic media, more enriched in MgO, CaO, CO 2 , and Na 2 O compared to B-type diamonds. The third stage probably preceded the eruption of the transporting mantle melt and led to the formation of C-type diamond containing A and C nitrogen defect centers and microinclusions of silicic to low-Mg carbonatitic composition. The recorded trend in the evolution of diamond-forming fluids/melts is directed towards more carbonatitic compositions. Fluids/melts are probably sourced from eclogitic and pyroxenitic mantle substrates.

diamond nitrogen aggregation state microinclusions fluid eclogite lithospheric mantle East European craton
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