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Daniel Díaz Guerra
Daniel Díaz Guerra
Postgraduate student
Saint Petersburg Mining University
Postgraduate student
Saint Petersburg Mining University
Saint Petersburg


Electromechanics and mechanical engineering
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The influence of solar energy on the development of the mining industry in the Republic of Cuba

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Cuba is traditionally considered a country with an underdeveloped industry. The share of the mining and metallurgical industries in the gross industrial production of the republic is small – about 3 % of GDP. The development of deposits and the extraction of nickel ores is an important sector of the economy of the Republic of Cuba, since the largest reserves of nickel and cobalt on the North American continent are located on the territory of the country. The development of the country energy system can serve as a growth factor in this sector of the economy. Due to climatic features and impossibility of integrating new capacities into the energy system through the construction of hydroelectric power plants, solar energy is a promising direction. Determining the feasibility of using solar tracking systems to increase the generation of electricity from solar power plants is one of the main challenges faced by engineers and renewable energy specialists. Currently, there are no solar tracking systems in Cuba that can provide information to assess the effectiveness of this technology in the country. The lack of the necessary technologies, as well as the high cost of developing solar power plants with tracking systems, limit the widespread introduction of such complexes. Hence follows the task of creating an inexpensive experimental model that allows assessing the effectiveness of tracking systems in specific weather conditions of the Republic of Cuba. This model will allow in future to increase the efficiency of electrical complexes with solar power plants, which provide power supply to the objects of the mineral resource complex and other regions.

How to cite: Shklyarskiy , Y. E., Guerra , D. D., Iakovleva , E. V., & Rassõlkin , A. (2021). The influence of solar energy on the development of the mining industry in the Republic of Cuba. Journal of Mining Institute, 249, 427-440.