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N. Ya. Melnikov
N. Ya. Melnikov
Saint-Petersburg Mining University
Saint-Petersburg Mining University


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Estimation of Rock Mass Strength in Open-Pit Mining

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The paper presents results of an experimental study on strength characteristics of the rock mass as applied to   the assessment of open-pit slope stability. Formulas have been obtained that describe a correlation between ultimate and residual strength of rock samples and residual shear strength along the weakening surface. A new method has been developed to calculate residual interface strength of the rock mass basing on data from the examination of small-scale monolith samples with opposing spherical indentors. A method has been proposed to estimate strength characteristics (structural weakening coefficients and internal friction angles) of the fractured near-slope rock mass. The method relies on test data from shattering small-scale monolith samples with spherical indentors, taking into ac- count contact conditions along the weakening surface, and can be applied in the field conditions. It is acceptable to use irregular-shaped samples in thetests.

How to cite: Pavlovich A.A., Korshunov V.A., Bazhukov A.A., Melnikov N.Y. Estimation of Rock Mass Strength in Open-Pit Mining // Journal of Mining Institute. 2019. Vol. 239. p. 502. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2019.5.502