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I. V. Klepikov
I. V. Klepikov


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The Nature of the Elongated Form of Diamond Crystals From Urals Placers

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The article presents the results of a study of the internal structure of highly elongated diamond crystals from placers in the Krasnovishersky district of the Urals. Very elongated crystals are found within diamond-bearing placer with unrevealed primary sources. Determining the conditions of such crystals formation can help one to determine the primary deposits type. There are three hypotheses for the formation of the elongated shape of such crystals: 1) crys- tals initially elongated along the <100> (strongly distorted octahedra); 2) individual crystals of columnar aggregates; 3) elongated crystals fragments. To study the internal structure, we selected three most elongated individuals of the 155 crystals samples. The study of the internal structure of selected crystals with the usage of photoluminescent (PL) tomography, cathodoluminescence (CL), and optical microscopy has shown that these samples are fragments of lar- ger single crystals. CL imaging allowed to determine slip lines within the crystal's volume. The recorded PL spectra show the 912, 946, and 986 nm peaks, which are characteristic of crystals with plastic deformation. The revealed fea- tures are indicators of plastic deformation accompanying the destruction of the crystals. The significant dissolution following the destruction of the crystals led to the rounding of the vertices and edges of their fragments. Apparently, most of the very elongated crystals from placers with unknown sources are also highly dissolved isometric crystal fragments. The obtained results have shown that the deformation and dissolution of diamond crystals are related events characteristic of diamonds from hitherto undetected, but highly productive primary deposits.

How to cite: Vasilev E.A., Klepikov I.V., Kozlov A.V., Antonov A.V. The Nature of the Elongated Form of Diamond Crystals From Urals Placers // Journal of Mining Institute. 2019. Vol. 239. p. 492. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2019.5.492