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I. Krupenskii
I. Krupenskii
Tallinn Technical University
Tallinn Technical University


Electromechanics and mechanical engineering
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Analysis of the options of modernization of roller-bit drilling machines with a submersible steamer

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The designs of submersible hammers and dampers protected by patents for reducing the vibration of the drilling rig of roller drill machines are proposed. The variants of modernizing drilling rigs for drilling hard rocks and faces of complex structures are considered. Particular attention is paid to the joint work of submersible shockers and pneumatic shock absorbers, the preferred schemes for the arrangement of these devices by drilling rigs are indicated. The results of experimental tests of machines with pneumatic hammers are presented to determine the vibration performance and drilling speeds. The pneumatic hammer allows increasing the speed of drilling process to the intensification of the destruction of the plain face by the shock load and the cleavage of the protrusions of the unevenness of the face, the better fitting of the bit to the face and the release of the blades or the bit pins from the drill bit. The choice of a particular type of damper or shock absorber depends on its design scheme and the possibility of changing the design of the drill string. With the complexity of installing a damping device in the mast (with significant dimensions of shock absorbers and drilling of strong heterogeneous rocks), it is advisable to use a set of tools to reduce hydraulic pulsations in the mains and cylinders of the hydraulic system by installing chokes in the oil plants and pneumatic shock absorbers. It is proposed to use the device for the development of pneumatic hammers by a patent-pending drilling method with a hollow piston filled with magnetically active heavy liquid, which will allow controlling the frequency and size of the shock pulses and partially compensating for the drill string fluctuations arising from the uneven immersion of the bit in the array . It is noted that the proposed solutions increase the drilling speed by an average of 15%.

How to cite: Yungmeister D.A., Krupenskii I., Lavrenko S.A. Analysis of the options of modernization of roller-bit drilling machines with a submersible steamer // Journal of Mining Institute. 2018. Vol. 231. p. 321. DOI: 10.25515/PMI.2018.3.321