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I. Dzhonek-Kovalska
I. Dzhonek-Kovalska
Silesian University of Technology
Silesian University of Technology


Geoeconomics and Management
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Since mining projects have a long-term character, the activity of mining companies is closely linked with the development of regions of their presence. The main external stakeholders in long-term mining projects are the local population, public authorities of various levels and local governments. In Russia, mining projects are being implemented both in the industrialized territories and in the new mining regions, therefore the interests and the degree of influence of the stakeholders are different. In European countries, acting mining companies operate in areas with a high level of urbanization, having a significant impact on the quality of life of the population and the development of regions. In addition, one of the key industry stakeholders in the implementation of mining projects is the European Union. The article describes the characteristic features and conditions for interaction between the initiators of long-term mining projects with different categories of stakeholders. The models of identification, classification and management of stakeholders have been analyzed, approaches to the analysis of the nature of stakeholder interaction in the implementation of projects in the mineral sector have been substantiated. To determine the degree of influence, interest of the authorities and identification of definitive groups of stakeholders in long-term mining projects, matrices for classification of stakeholders in the construction projects of «Elegestsky GOK» and «Tominsky GOK» have been created. It is proved that effective interaction with stakeholders determines the opportunities for timely implementation of mining projects and increase of the company value.

How to cite: Dzhonek-Kovalska I., Ponomarenko T.V., Marinina O.A. PROBLEMS OF INTERACTION WITH STAKEHOLDERS DURING IMPLEMENTATION OF LONG-TERM MINING PROJECTS // Journal of Mining Institute. 2018. Vol. 232. p. 428. DOI: 10.31897/PMI.2018.4.428