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A. A. Vlasov
A. A. Vlasov
National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)


Innovation activity and advances for higher efficiency of production ad plants оf mining-metallurgical complex
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Factors of alumina dust formation in primary aluminum production

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All types of raw materials used in aluminum production, are finely dispersed structures, which cause dusting during manufacturing operations, which leads to the formation of substandard raw material deposits. Their turnover in primary production contributes to the deterioration of techno-economic parameters of the  process. Alumina dust samples werea  collected  with  a mark of 16,0 meters  on  aluminum smelters in Russia, in the process of various technologies application. While in the upper layers alumina absorbss moisture, fluorides, and carbon. Penetration of fluoride in the amount of alumina particles depends of the crystallographic characteristics of the grains. At high stratification of the particles, fluorides are evenly distributed on the surface, and in the bulk of the particles. Mostly solid fluorides penetrate into cracks and deformation of the grains of alumina  and hydrogen fluoride is adsorbed on the surface with the formation of aluminum   fluoride. Alumina dust produced by the company operating for a long time with the cryolite ratio 2,2-2,35, contains a large amount of silicon. Silicon compound coat grain acicular alumina film.

How to cite: Sizyakov V.M., Vlasov A.A., Bazhin V.Y., Gembitskii V.V. Factors of alumina dust formation in primary aluminum production // Journal of Mining Institute. 2012. Vol. 198. p. 207.