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Vol 148 No 2
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Expert system of seismic safety of blasting operations

V. A. Belin1
D. K. Potresov2
N. I. Bukhanova3
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  • 1 — Moscow Mining University
  • 2 — Moscow Mining University
  • 3 — Moscow Mining University
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Expert method of reducing uncertainty in calculating seismic safety of blasting operationsAnalysis of the current state of blasting operations has shown that further increase in the intensity and scale of blasting operations is constrained by harmful effects on the environment of seismic waves caused by blasts. To avoid such action of seismic waves, as well as to increase the efficiency of blasting and to ensure seismic safety of blasting operations it is necessary to: more accurately determine parameters, intensity and permissible levels of the impact of seismic blasting and take into account the influence of various factors of seismic blasting.

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