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Vol 150 No 1
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Justification of water temperature and flow rate during erosion of preparatory chamber in the borehole method of development of lower horizons of Sol-Iletsk field

S. P. Mozer
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  • Student, research assistant G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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The issues of mining the reserves of the lower horizons of the Salt-Iletsk rock salt deposit by dissolution through the wells from the surface are considered. The specifics of rock salt extraction by this method are determined by significant investments in the construction of brine field facilities and the complexity of quickly bringing the brine field to a given production capacity, which is caused, in addition to the significant cost of time for drilling and equipping wells, by the need to wash out the preparatory mine workings. Intensification of the preparatory mine opening will have the effect of reducing the payback period of capital investments, which, in turn, will affect the cost of produced brine. With the help of mathematical modeling of the process of intensification of the preparatory mine opening dissolution the following results were obtained: - optimal water consumption for dissolution of preparation workings 45-55 m3 /h (optimization criterion was electric power consumption for solvent injection); - optimal solvent temperature 180-220 °С (optimization criterion was electric power consumption for solvent injection and for water heating to the given temperature).

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