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Vol 150 No 1
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Research on the effectiveness of upward mining of ore deposits

D. Yu. Minaev
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  • Student, research assistant G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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All over the world, there is a tendency to develop high-capacity deposits using the combined open-underground mining method with a descending order of mining floors. The article proposes an ascending order of floors in the application of combined field development. The essence of the proposal under consideration is as follows: the deposit is stripped at once for the whole depth of development in steps of 240 m, where concentration horizons are located. Each level of stripping is divided into levels from 40 to 120 meters high which are developed in ascending order. The levels are divided into extraction blocks, which are mined by the level-camera system of development. Narrow chambers 5 m long are mined in the block in the first place and backfilled with low-strength hard fill. After that, the remaining reserves of the 35-meter long block are mined and filled with hydraulic rock fill from mining and overburden of the open pit. Application of rock and low-strength solid stowing makes it possible to reduce the cost of extracted ore in spite of considerable initial capital expenses for carrying out capital workings - shafts and concentration horizons. This study convincingly proves that the ascending mining sequence of deep deposits with combined deposit mining is more effective than the traditional descending mining sequence with the use of a solid stowing.

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