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Vol 155 No 2
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Research article
Mining electromechanics

Starting characteristics of the conveyor drive in longitudinal compensation networks

Yu. L. Zhukovskii
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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Mathematical model of induction motor with installation of longitudinal capacitive compensation is considered. Starting modes of asynchronous motor without load and with significant load on the shaft, without installation of longitudinal capacitive compensation and with longitudinal compensation are investigated. Starting modes of asynchronous motor in soft and rigid network are analyzed, improvement of starting conditions with considerable loading on a shaft of a powerful remote asynchronous motor in the scheme with the installation of longitudinal capacitive compensation (reduction of acceleration time, increase of voltage on the motor terminals, disappearance of negative values of moment) is shown. Conditions of occurrence of electromagnetic instability of start mode, permissible parameters of longitudinal compensation and shunt resistance are defined, at which occurrence of instability is excluded, the boundary of stable operation of investigated motor in start mode is set.

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