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Vol 155 No 2
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Determination of rational parameters of drainage excavations in the emission hazardous zones of potassium formations

E. R. Kovalskii
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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Taking into account the theory of formation of blowout-hazardous zones of dip trough type, the average statistical parameters of cavities of artificially initiated salt and gas emissions were determined for the conditions of the Starobinskoye field. Dependencies for determining the location of the center of the blowout zone in the vertical and horizontal planes are derived. The way of transition of emission-hazardous zones during excavation of the Third Potash Seam at full capacity is concretized. The correlation between the slope angle of the advanced drift with the initiation cut, which serves for artificial decoupling of the release, and the geometric parameters of the release zone was found. When conducting the advance face with the initiating jaw in the direction to the center of the trough core during the initiation of the outburst, taking into account this dependence will reduce its intensity, increase the safety of mining operations, as well as improve the economic indicators of the method of transition of the outburst-risk zone by the longwall.

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  1. Сиренко Ю.Г. Разработка способов пересечения выбросоопасных зон при выемке Третьего калийного пласта Старобинского месторождения на полную мощность / Ю.Г.Сиренко, В,Р.Ковальский // Записки Горного института. 2002. Т.152 (1). С.85-88.

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