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Vol 156
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Research article
Surveying and geodesy

On the problem of environmental zoning of urban areas based on geographic information systems

M. A. Nevskaya1
V. A. Kiselev2
E. I. Dompalm3
About authors
  • 1 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
  • 2 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
  • 3 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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In the new economic conditions, the problem of assessing the environmental condition of the territory of St. Petersburg is very urgent. The solution of this problem is associated with the need for collection and joint processing of different types of information. Collection, storage, processing and presentation of data can be performed most effectively with the help of geo-information systems (GIS). The geographic information system will form a GIS-project, which creates digital maps of the territory, reflecting the current state of the ecosystem on various factors. Processing of the collected information is proposed to carry out by means of geospatial analysis.

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