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Vol 158
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Improvement of the system of state management of subsoil use

Vladimir S. Litvinenko1
V. E. Varshavskii2
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Russia, as one of the world's largest producers of minerals, is the world's leading exporter, and its mining industry plays a critical role in the economic and social structure of Russian society. The continuing decline in the production of mineral resources, the deterioration of the raw material base of existing enterprises, the enormous reduction of mining capacities, and the lack of measures to replenish them do not contribute to a favorable investment climate, which may lead in the very near future to a situation where a country with huge reserves of raw materials will practically lose control over their effective use. The main goal of the work is to emphasize the need for an urgent change in the system of state approach to the management of mineral resources by adopting the Russian Government’s Mineral Resources Policy. The concept of sustainable development of our economy requires an urgent revision of the former attitude to the consideration of issues related to minerals in the context of the unity of economic and social goals and objectives.

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