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Vol 159 No 1
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Studying the spatial distribution patterns of ore mineralization of the Aganozero-Burakovskaya intrusion using quantitative interpretation in a three-dimensional environment

I. V. Apukhtina
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  • Research assistant G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute
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The aim of the presented work is to analyze the spatial patterns of distribution of geochemical halos of platinoids and chromium using the Micromine software system, which is usually used for compiling spatial geological models of deposits and calculating reserves. The spatial separation of the geochemical halos of chromium and platinum was established, the first of which is practically continuous within the Aganozersky block of the Burakovsky massif and is limited from below by the main chromite horizon, and the second is spatially located directly above the chromium halo and breaks up into a number of fragments. In the first approximation, the main halo of elevated platinum contents is located directly above the supply channel of the Aganozero intrusion, assumed on the basis of geophysical studies.

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  1. Перспективы платиноносности раннепротерозойского Бураковского расслоенного интрузива в Южной Карелии / Е.В.Шарков, О.А.Богатиков, Н.Ф.Пчелинцева и др. // Платина России / Под ред. В.П.Орлова. М.: АО «Геоинформмарк», 1995. Т.2. Кн.2. С.10-19.

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