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Vol 167 No 1
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Justification of the methodology of determination of optimal normative payments and optimal strategies of the enterprise on environmental protection

N. V. Gurova
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  • Postgraduate student G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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The methodology of determining the optimal standards of payments for environmental pollution based on the experience of foreign countries and taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian environmental policy is developed. Strategies of the enterprise on environmental protection activity are developed and optimal ones for the mining and metallurgical enterprise Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works OJSC are determined.

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  1. Пахомова Н.В. Экономика природопользования и охраны окружающей среды: Учеб. пособие / Н.В.Пахомова, К.К.Рихтер. СПб: Изд-во Санкг-Петербургского университета, 2001.

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