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Vol 167 No 1
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Research article
Mining. Ecology

Peculiarities of geological structure of Vasilievsky Island and their connection with the condition of the housing stock

D. S. Kuznetsova
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  • Research assistant G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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The relevance of the topic is determined by two factors. Firstly, intensive development of construction in large industrial and cultural centers of Russia. Here a number of engineering aspects, in particular, the state of the soil, are often sacrificed to considerations of economic feasibility. Secondly, the study of geologic environment parameters at the initial stage of construction activities. In this case, the geological environment may be non-stationary due to, for example, seasonal processes of thawing and freezing of the upper part of the section, creep of the decompacted Quaternary complex, small movements along the fault plane.

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