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Expansion of assortment of output products at complex processing of nepheline on the basis of use of calcium hydrocarbon aluminates

E. V. Sizyakova
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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The study was carried out in order to find technological conditions that allow anodic dissolution of metal concentrate of radio-electronic scrap without difficulties caused by anode passivation. The thermodynamic probability of sufficiently complete oxidation of impurities included in the metal concentrate was established. The composition of refining slag allowing to bind oxidized impurities in slag is selected. Time dependence of oxidation of impurities by air due to application of radial-axial tuyere is shown. It is indicated that for 15min of blowing it is possible to prepare the metal-concentrate alloy for successful anodic dissolution in sulfuric acid electrolyte.

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