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Application of 2DMTZ for oil prospecting in the delta of the St. Clee River (south-eastern Ontario, Canada)

A. I. Ingerov
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  • Phoenix Geophysics Ltd
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2D magnetotelluric surveying with measurements of horizontal component of magnetotelluric (MT) field was carried out by «Phoenix Geophysics» company on 2000 at a prospect in southeast part of Ontario province. The investigations evidences, that МТS data could locate areas of improvement of Silurian limestone reservoir features, which are associated with dolomitization zones along deep faults. Characteristic features of the dolomitization zones, predicted from МТS data, were confirmed by following drilling. Re-treatment of the MT date on 2006 with the use of the latest version of software provided significantly improvement of MTS curves. Results of the concrete geological structure modeling demonstrated, that vertical component data of MT field are more informative to the problem being studied. The key problems are accuracy of setting of MT vertical component data measurement sensor and thermo stabilization of every three sensors. Special equipments (tripods) manufactured under the «Phoenix Geophysics» company contract, provide the both problems adequate solving.

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