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Vol 185
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The methods of strength definition for the rock mass properties applying to the open mining cut

A. A. Pavlovich
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  • Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute (Technical University)
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The review of factors influencing rock mass strength is given. Methods of definition for sample strength changeover to rock mass are considered in the article.

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  1. Инструкция по расчету устойчивости бортов разрезов при их ликвидации и обеспечению сохранности прилегающих к разрезам территорий / ВНИМИ. Л., 1977. С.32-36.
  2. Фисенко Г.Л. Устойчивость бортов карьеров и отвалов. М.: Недра, 1965. 378 с.
  3. Hoek E., Caranza-Torres C., Corcum B. Hoek-Brown failure criterion // Proceedings of the North American Rock Mechanics Society. Mining Innovation and Technology. Toronto. 2002. P.267-273.

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