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Vol 188
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The evaluation of geodynamic consequences оf long-term exploration of lower cretaceous sediments at the Yamburg oil-gas condensate field with join of additional wells

Yu. O. Kuzmin1
O. V. Lukyanov2
A. I. Nikonov3
V. I. Ravikovich4
A. S. Faraonov5
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  • 1 — EFI RAS
  • 2 — JSC SPC «DIEM»
  • 3 — OGRI RAS
  • 4 — JSC SPC «DIEM»
  • 5 — JSC SPC «DIEM»
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Within the framework of the engineering design of the join up of additional wells of Lower Cretaceous sediments at the Yamburg oil-gas condensate field the evaluation of geodynamic consequences of long-term exploitation of the mentioned field was performed, as well as the hazardous geodynamic process permanent survey program was developed.

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