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Vol 192
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Study of information channels characteristics in control fluid bed furnace

A. V. Spesivtsev1
I. I. Beloglazov2
I. T. Kimyaev3
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  • 1 — «Technolink» Co
  • 2 — Saint Petersburg State Mining University
  • 3 — «Microtest» So
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One of the main problems of modeling of pyrometallurgical processes and roasting in a fluidized bed is the optimal choice of defining aggregate factors of the object. The general trend in the use and management of complex objects is the development and adoption of solutions exclusively human. In this case the correctness of the decision depends on an adequate diagnosis of the technical state of the object. Thus, the ability to operate the facility is completely determined by its technical state at any given time, and accuracy of decision-making expert.

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