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Socio-economic potential of large-scale projects to develop offshore oil and gas: risks and stakeholder expectations

A. E. Cherepovitsyn
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  • National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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  The development of the Arctic shelf is a strategic long-term objective of the energy development of the Russian Federation. At the present time, resource and economic potential of offshore oil and gas development projects is huge. However, it is constrained by the complexity of developing offshore oil and gas resources due to climatic, geological and technological conditions. In addition, the current unstable situation with world oil prices is also a constraint on largescale involvement in the industrial development of offshore oil and gas resources.  The aim of the research is to determine socioeconomic potential of large-scale projects to develop oil fields in the Arctic shelf of Russia.  The article presents the peculiarities of developing offshore fields, which are characterized by severe climatic conditions, high environmental risks, unique technological solutions, lack of infrastructure in coastal areas. A comparative analysis of projects to develop land and shelf is performed. The regional authorities’ and businesses capability of implementing large-scale projects to develop offshore fields on economic, social and environmental criteria is identified. The positive and negative effects of socio-economic development of the territory implementing projects of hydrocarbon field development are evaluated. A schematic diagram of the socio-economic potential of hydrocarbon resources development projects reflecting the opportunities and risks of such projects from the perspective of key stakeholders is developed. A set of strategic objectives to successfully implement projects in the Arctic shelf of Russia are proposed.  The findings of the research can be used by the departments of energy, industry and mineral resources in the preparation of long-term strategic development programs for the oil and gas industry.

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