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Vol 215
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The concept of reducing the risks of potash mines flooding caused by groundwater inrush into excavations

V. P. Zubov1
A. D. Smychnik2
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  • 1 — Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
  • 2 — JSC «Striktum»
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Results of the analysis of factors influencing the probability of accidental groundwater inrush into mine workings of salt (potash, potassium and magnesium) mines are given in the article. The cases of the potash mine flooding that occurred in different countries with developed mining industry are given. It is shown that at the present technical and scientific level of solving this problem the unexpected groundwater inrush in potash mines usually results in the shutdown of the enterprise and negative ecological consequences. It is pointed out that the underground waters flow into the mines through water-conducting fractures of either natural or technogenic origin which location and influence on a mine was almost impossible to predict at the design stage under existing regulations. The concept of reducing the risks of potash mine flooding caused by underground waters in-rush is formulated. Administrative and technical measures which allow reducing the risks of potash mine flooding caused by groundwater inrush into the excavations are considered.

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