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Chemical and technological mechanisms of a alkaline aluminum silicates sintering and a hy-drochemical sinter processing

V. M. Sizyakov
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  • National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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Complex mineral raw material, as alkali aluminum silicates, is an interest for aluminum industry, chemical industry and for the production of constructional materials. They are well represented in the earth's crust, characterized by the complexity of material composition and variable content of the main components such as alumina, silica and alkalies. They often occur where due to the geological conditions there is no bauxite, for instance, in the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, Iran, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and other countries. At the present time for the Russian economy the nephelines from this list are the most valuable and have the great concern for the raw materials balance of the national aluminum industry. Because of limited reserves the bauxites proportion of alumina produced from nephelines by sintering is 40 % and in time this proportion will increase due to the involvement in the production of new deposits of alkali aluminum silicates. Many of foreign companies have also shown interest to the complex processing of ores. The investigation of technology is based on the method of sintering ore with limestone. As a result, the after-sintering mixture consists of alkali metal aluminates and dicalcium silicate; after-sintering mixture is leached by circulating alkaline aluminate solution, alumina, soda and potash are thrown out from the solution. Dicalcium silicate (nepheline sludge) is processed to Portland. For the investigated after-sintering mixture the tendency shows the increasing of optimum sintering temperature with the lowering Al 2 O 3 content. With the increasing of silicate module (SiO 2 / Al 3 O 3 ) of the initial alkali aluminum silicates charges the temperature of after-sintering mixture formation increases. After-sintering mixtures that are on base of alkali aluminum silicates have different microstructure and the degree of crystallization in which b-С 2 S and sodium aluminate is improved with a decrease of the aluminate phase amount. Results of investigations show a very limited solubility of aluminate phase in dicalcium silicate, which theoretically justifies a sufficiently high level of useful components chemical extraction in the processing of different types of alkali aluminum silicates by sintering.

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