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Tectonic development and granitoid magmatism of Northeast Asia in the late mesozoic

V. I. Alekseev
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  • National Mineral Resources University (Mining University)
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The history of tectonic development and granitoid magmatism of Northeast Asia in the late Mesozoic is considered. The variety of tectonic situations and granitoid magmatism are favorable circumstances for the solution of many fundamental problems in geology, but tectono-magmatic division into districts is complicated owing to variability of the composition and the structure of the Earth’s crust. A rational approach to the tectonic division into districts of a region by the research of granitoid magmatism based on determining consolidated crust blocks with various tectonic history is offered. Pre-mesozoic and mesozoic structures of the Far East, among which primary and superimposed on the Precambrian and Paleozoic base Verkhoyansk orogeny prevails, are determined. The conclusion on the important role of middle massifs and passive margins with a thin Riphean-Paleozoic cover in geodynamic development of the Far East is drawn. The mesozoic activization of ancient structures along with young granitoid magmatism is established. The driving force of the Pacific ore belt granitization was the interaction of the Paleo-Pacific Plate and plates in Northeast Asia in the middle-late Mesozoic. The history of regional tectogenesis and granitoid magmatism in the late Triassic – Eocene (230-33,7 million years) taking into account the latest geodynamic concepts is tracked. The place in tectonic history of the Asian continental margin of plutonic and volcanic-plutonic belts is determined. Four stages of tectono-magmatic development of the Far East are established: the Jurassic and the early Cretaceous collisional, the early Cretaceous upsubduction, the late Cretaceous upsubduction-transform and the late Cretaceous – Paleogene rift-related. The directed constructive evolution of the Earth’s crust of the Far East is established: origin and building of ancient cratons on margins of the continental crust sated with granitoid intrusions, increase of a silica acidity and alkalinity of the granitoid magmas and formation of late Cretaceous ore-bearing lithium-fluoric granites at the final stage.

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