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Oil and gas

Improving the efficiency of terrigenous oil-saturated reservoir development by the system of oriented selective slotted channels

Vera A. Repina2
Nikolay I. Krysin3
David Iain Macpherson Macdonald4
  • 1 — Ph.D. Perm National Research Polytechnic University ▪ Orcid
  • 2 — Senior Lecturer Perm National Research Polytechnic University
  • 3 — Dr.Habil. Perm National Research Polytechnic University
  • 4 — University of Aberdeen
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Date accepted:
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A comparative assessment of variation in the flow rate of oil production wells was performed taking into account increasing of perforated area of the productive part of the rocks, as well as recover of reservoir rocks permeability due to their unloading by creating slotted channels with the method of oriented slotted hydro-sandblast perforation. Different orientation directions and slotting intervals were analyzed, taking into account water encroachment of individual interlayers and azimuth direction of the majority of remaining reserves in separate blocks of the examined formation. In order to estimate development efficiency of terrigenous oil-saturated porous-type reservoirs by means of oriented slotted hydro-sandblast perforation, calculations were performed on a full-scale geological and hydrodynamic model of an oil field in the Perm Region. The object of modeling was a Visean terrigenous productive forma tion. The modeling of implementing oriented slotted hydro-sandblast perforation was carried out on a 3D filtration model for fourteen marginal wells, located in the zone with excessive density of remaining recoverable reserves and he terogeneous reserve recovery along the section. An optimal layout of slotted channels along the depth of the productive part of the well section was developed. Selective formation of 24 slotted channels was carried out con sidering the intervals of increased oil saturation. Comparative analysis of estimated flow rate of the wells was per formed for cumulative perforation of the examined productive formation and the developed method of slotted perforation. As a result of modeling, an increase in the oil average flow rate of 2.25 t/day was obtained. With oriented slotted hydro-sandblast perforation, incremental cumulative production for two years of prediction calculations per one well reached 0.5 thousand t.

production well oriented slotted hydro-sandblast perforation selective perforation modeling of the productive formation perforation technology permeability recovering
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