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Modeling of process equipment and process control systems of industrial furnaces for metal production

A. A. Galnbek
I. N. Beloglazov
K. P. Vlasov
O. A. Dubovikov
O. V. Zaryanova
T. F. Vyrubova
A. Yu. Firsov
Z. M. Turinskii
E. A. Ivanov
E. D. Kadyrov
A. S. Anashkin
M. A. Lastochkina
I. Yu. Milovidova
V. O. Golubev
G. G. Klimentenok
A. M. Bondarchuk
A. A. Orishchuk
N. N. Maksimets
I. A. Spichak
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A brief summary of the research and engineering work performed by professors, graduate students, and students of the Department of Furnaces, Control and Automation of Metallurgical Processes in 2000 is given. Two main directions of research activities were modeling of technological equipment for metal production and modeling of control systems for industrial metallurgical furnaces. In the first direction of research the following mathematical models were developed: converter conversion of smelting shop of Pechenganickel metallurgical plant; ore thermal smelting process; dissolution and liquation processes; waste water treatment using calcium hydrocarboaluminate. The technology of zinc-tin iron dust processing in a rotary kiln was also developed. A method of separating suspensions using LAROX PF press-filters was introduced. The second area of research includes works on development of spectral density method for synthesis of control systems with intermittent lag and on improvement of efficiency of manipulation of gas regimes in converters.

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