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Vol 148 No 1
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Stress concentration and scale factor in the fracture of anisotropic rock

Yu. M. Lebedkin1
A. S. Matorin2
V. G. Shemenev3
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  • 1 — Institute of Mining of Ural Branch of RAS
  • 2 — Institute of Mining of Ural Branch of RAS
  • 3 — Institute of Mining of Ural Branch of RAS
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Fracture of rocks for industrial or other needs (hammering, drilling, extraction of piece rock, processing, etc.) regardless of the method and technology of loading is a local short-term intensive impact, proceeding according to the scheme: load application - deformation - growth of micro- and then macro-damages - growth of cracks - fracture. In this regard, the applied theory of rock failure should not take into account rheology and relaxation, i.e., the model of such failure does not take into account the evolution of micro- and macro-damages in the rock. These phenomena can be accounted for by the ultimate stress or strain in the current state of the fractured rock volume.

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