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Vol 148 No 2
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Issues of fracture research in drilling explosive boreholes

R. I. Sukhov1
Yu. M. Lebedkin2
A. V. Tymchur3
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  • 1 — Mining Institute UrD RAS
  • 2 — Mining Institute UrD RAS
  • 3 — Mining Institute UrD RAS
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According to the principles of rock destruction, mechanical drilling of wells can be carried out in several ways, differing in their physical nature. For medium- and high-strength rock, roller cone bits with milled cutting structure or reinforced with high-strength tungsten carbide pins are used. The roller cone method of drilling implements the principle of bottom-hole destruction due to static impingement of the cutting structure, the rock is destroyed mainly by a piercing, partially blocked chipping. From the energy point of view, such impact on the bottom hole is not optimal.

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  1. Протасов Ю.И .Теоретически еосновы механического разрушение горных пород. Недра, 1985. 242 с.

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