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Vol 148 No 2
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Mixed charge devices for emulsion explosives

N. K. Shalygin1
V. P. Glinskii2
B. V. Matseevich3
P. P. Markov4
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  • 1 — Krasnoarmeyskiy R&DI of Mechanization
  • 2 — Krasnoarmeyskiy R&DI of Mechanization
  • 3 — Krasnoarmeyskiy R&DI of Mechanization
  • 4 — Krasnoarmeyskiy R&DI of Mechanization
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One of the achievements in the field of development of industrial explosives for surface mining works is creation of emulsion explosives on the basis of reverse emulsions of highly concentrated solutions of oxidizers (ammonium, sodium or calcium nitrate) and oil products (fuel oil, industrial oil, diesel fuel) in the presence of emulsifier. Emulsion explosives are effective substitutes of regular industrial explosives due to availability of raw materials (ammonium nitrate and oil products), safety and environmental friendliness in manufacturing and application, high water resistance and explosion efficiency, lower cost price.

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