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Vol 148 No 2
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Development of water-towering way of breaking wells in drilling and blasting operations at mining open pits

G. G. Karkashadze1
N. O. Taran2
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  • 1 — Moscow Mining University
  • 2 — Moscow Mining University
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The water cut of working benches in ore pits does not allow the wide use of the simplest types of explosives and causes the necessity of using water-resistant explosives, which significantly increases the cost of blasting operations. In cases when granulotols are used in watered boreholes, there is a very significant environmental load due to increased toxicity of explosion products and high dust-forming ability.

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  1. Пат. 2154254 РФ. Способ производства взрывных работ на карьерах / Г.Г. Каркашазе, А.И. Перепелицын, В.И. Мочалов, В.В. Коломоец, Ю.М. Рудской, Н.И. Мачулин. ОАО "Михайловский ГОК" и Московский Горный университет. Приоритет 13.10.1999.

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