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Vol 148 No 2
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Development of rational constructions of vertical concentrated explosive charges for mass destruction of ore

A. A. Eremenko1
I. V. Mashukov2
S. F. Fefelov3
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  • 1 — Institute of Mining Engineering SB RAS
  • 3 — OAO Zapsibcombinat
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In the practice of blasting in the mining industry during mining of minerals by underground mining for crushing the rock mass, borehole charges of explosives, as well as borehole and stone (mine) charges located in the chambers, tunnels and mine wells are used. The largest volume of rock mass removal is currently carried out by borehole explosive charges. Mines in Gornaya Shoria, Khakassia and the Urals use the technology of stripping by bundles of parallel-conjugated borehole charges.

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