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Vol 149
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Methodological problems of oil and gas resources development strategy formation on the basis of their geological and economic evaluation

A. A. Ilinskii1
N. V. Pashkevich2
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  • 1 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
  • 2 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining University
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The general problems of oil and gas resources development strategy formation are considered. The experience and methodological approaches used in strategy formation on the basis of geological and economic assessment of oil and gas resources in modern economic conditions are analyzed. An approach to the allocation of objects of resource assessment, taking into account the stages of resource development and heterogeneity of natural and economic conditions of development of forecast resources is proposed. The scheme of economic evaluation of resources is substantiated. The criteria for assessing the economic effect of oil and gas resources development at the level of local objects, oil and gas bearing complexes, regions and districts, oil and gas bearing provinces and the country as a whole are proposed.

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