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Vol 149
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Development of a model system of continuous control (monitoring) and regulation of harmful gaseous emissions from TPPs into the atmosphere

P. V. Roslyakov1
I. A. Zakirov2
L. E. Egorova3
I. L. Ionkin4
A. A. Raisfeld5
About authors
  • 1 — Moscow Power Engineering Institute
  • 2 — Moscow Power Engineering Institute
  • 3 — Moscow Power Engineering Institute
  • 4 — Moscow Power Engineering Institute
  • 5 — Kazan HPP-3 Tatenergo
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According to the concept and terms of reference developed by the Moscow Power Engineering Institute under the program "Higher School Scientific Research in Priority Areas of Science and Technology" (subprogram 207, section 207.02) and R&D, regional power systems Tatenergo, Nizhnovenergo and Tumenergo are implementing an industrial monitoring system at their thermal power plants. The latter is realized as a system of continuous control and regulation of the combustion process and emissions of toxic substances into the atmospheric air. The use of a continuous emission monitoring system will reduce the negative environmental impact of thermal power plants, as well as improve the efficiency of power equipment operation.

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