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Vol 149
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Geodynamically active zones of the East-European platform and their impact on the environment

V. I. Makarov1
A. K. Sokolovskii2
N. V. Makarova3
N. I. Korchuganova4
T. V. Sukhanova5
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  • 1 — Moscow Geological Prospecting Academy
  • 2 — Moscow Geological Prospecting Academy
  • 3 — Moscow Geological Prospecting Academy
  • 4 — Moscow Geological Prospecting Academy
  • 5 — Moscow Geological Prospecting Academy
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Geodynamically active zones are neotectonic linear structures separating crustal blocks of different ranks, in which these blocks interact with each other. For this reason, such zones are in a relatively high stress state. The degree of activity of such zones depends on the amplitudes of tectonic movements, the types of these movements and the style of interaction between the blocks. Their activity is well reflected in the relief. The ecological significance of such zones has been assessed. The tectonic structure and geomorphologic appearance, conditions and history of formation of some geodynamically active zones have been studied. They have different ranks and scales, depth of occurrence, size and age. These are the Ox-Don trough with internal zones of the second order in the center of the Russian plate, the Urzhumo-Orenburg zone of structural discordance in the east of the same plate, the Kuloi-Lou Pinega zone in the northernmost part of the Russian plate and some others.

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  1. Макаров В.И. Региональные особенности новейшей геодинамики платформенных территорий в связи с оценкой их тектонической активности // Недра Поволжья и Прикаспия. 1996. Вып. 3.
  2. Макаров В.И. О геодинамических условиях формирования Окско-Донского прогиба и Окско-Цнинского вала (Русская плита) // Изв. вузов. Геология и разведка. 2001. №1.

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