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Vol 160 No 1
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Research article
Rhetorical classics and the contemporary status of rhetoric

Types of comparisons in advertising argumentation

G. K. Urvantsev
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  • Volgograd State University
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Comparison in rhetoric is divided into comparison-argument and comparison-trope. In accordance with this, all types of advertising comparisons are divided as follows. Comparison-argument is the comparison of a product with an analog: real, conventional ("ordinary powder"), or a product from a related sector. Comparison-advertising belongs to the same group. Comparison-trope is a rhetorical device that increases the impact on the addressee. Here figurative comparison, juxtaposition and metaphor are distinguished.

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  1. Анисимова Т.В., Гимпельсон Е.Г. Современная деловая риторика. М., 2002.

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