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Vol 160 No 1
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Research article
Rhetorical classics and the contemporary status of rhetoric

The paradigm and method of rhetoric

A. V. Steshov
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  • A.F. Mozhaisky Military Space Academy
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The paradigm of "Controlled thought and speech activity "as an object of rhetoric" is revealed. This paradigm of modern rhetoric is identical to the historically established paradigm of the "trinity of thought, word and deed". All three components of the new paradigm: thinking activity ("the power of thought"), speech activity ("the gift of words") and persuasive influence ("the luxury of communication") are developed in detail in the figure and allow us to comprehend the object of rhetoric as a synthetic science and explain the difference between one kind of rhetoric and another. For the first time we offer a symbolic (model) representation of the method of rhetoric for monologic speech and dialogic forms of speech communication: conversation, discussion, argument, polemics.

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