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Vol 163
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Modern problems of the theory of cognition in the philosophy course

I. G. Rebeshchenkova
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  • G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
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The theory of cognition is an important part of philosophy. Recently, the role of this theory is increasing in the process of training a specialist, in the environment of a humanistic university. This is due to the progress of knowledge, the connection of the theory of cognition with humanistic and anthropological problems, the formation of information society. Modern problems of epistemology are the problems of the evolution of knowledge, the prospects of its development in the future. The most important prospect is the development and introduction into all spheres of activity of biocomputers - new subjects of cognition - parts of a new reality. The inclusion of modern problems of epistemology in the course of philosophy is necessary to prepare the young generation for activity and life in a significantly changing environment.

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