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Investigation of copper behavior during tellurium precipitation from sulfide-alkaline solutions

Yu. A. Zaitsev1
V. A. Ivanov2
About authors
  • 1 — G.V. Plekhanov Saint Petersburg Mining Institute
  • 2 — Moscow State Evening Metallurgical Institute
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The research is devoted to the possibility of copper transition into sulfide-alkaline tellurium solutions using radioactive isotopes of copper and tellurium. The authors studied the possibilities of purification of such solutions from copper, proposed a method of copper splitting as a product of processing. Application of this method to industrial solutions makes it possible to obtain tellurium containing millionths of copper, which ensures compliance with T-1 grade.

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  1. Козьмин Ю.А. Металлургическая и химическая промышленность Казахстана / Ю.А.Козьмин, С.В.Земсков, А.И.Рябинин. М.: Металлургия, 1961; Зайцев Ю.А. Выщелачивание теллурсодержащих материалов растворами полисульфидов / Ю.А.Зайцев, И.Г.Зайцева, Т.Н.Грейвер // Цветметинформация: Науч.-техн. бюллетень. 1970. № 10.

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