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Ecological effect of air/fuel staging and flue gas recirculation on NOX formation – experimental and numerical analysis

Poskart Monika1
Lech Szecówka2
  • 1 — Czestochowa University of Technology
  • 2 — Czestochowa University of Technology
Date submitted:
Date published:


This paper includes both experimental and modelling researches of nitrogen oxide control. The tests were carried out in a quartz combustion chamber with laboratory equipment to enable the measurement of all the thermal and chemical parameters of the process. The experimental stand was built to determine influence of the following “primary methods”: air staging, reburning and flue gas recirculation on NO x concentration reduction . The influence of simultaneous usage of the primary methods on NOx emission reduction is also studied. Numerical modelling of the combustion processes is an indispensable element of experimental research.

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