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Problems of the protection of mining terrains in the mining industry of zinc and lead ores

Monika Piskorz
  • AGH-University of Science and Technology
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The paper characterizes conditionality of underground exploitation of zinc and lead ores and its peculiar results on terrain surface. The problems to reveal discontinuous deformations, methods of prevention and liquidation of these phenomena are presented using a mining region in Poland as an example. Old, historic mining activities are a particular problem in this region. Negative results of former mining practice are observed at the present time. Depletion of zinc and lead ore deposits and partially economic reasons lead to liquidation of some mining areas. In particular, such liquidation requires security of the underground parts of a mine, balancing water relations and reclamation of terrain surface. Mining operations within the borders of discussed region require coordination of tasks in the framework of current exploitation and actions towards creating a proper infrastructure and management of the area. 

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